Impact of Pharmacy Reform on the Dynamics of the Use of Drugs and Psychoactive Substances 2017-09-20 09:36:59

Use of medications without doctor’s prescription widely established in Georgia had negative impact on the health of the population and on the whole social situation. The use of home-made drugs “Krokodil”, “Jeff” and “Vint” produced from the preparations bought without prescriptions (Codeine, Ephedrine), became a special matter of concern. Psychoactive substances became available for teenagers causing damage to their central nervous system and formation of drug-addiction in them. Due to the situation Georgian Government took a number of legislative measures, particularly, it set Criminal Liability for illegal circulation of pharmaceutical products containing Codeine and Ephedrine and Administrative Measures for issuing the psychoactive substances without prescription. Reviewing the clinical histories (2013-2016) of the hospitalized beneficiaries of the “Center for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction”, revealed that the

number of the users of home-made drugs produced of Codeine and Ephedrine was reduced but the reform did not have significant influence on distribution of psychoactive substances, due to which administrative measures for breaking circulation rules on psychoactive substances was tightened. The situation is also being improved with the help of universal use of electronic prescriptions and the introduction of quotas on psychoactive substances.

Analysis of Some Epidemiological Rates of Suicide in Georgia 2016-06-25 09:36:42


In the last few years, significant increase in the incidence of suicide is observed in Georgia, especially among teenagers. Effectiveness of suicide prevention greatly depends on adequate determination of causes of suicide.

Statistics of suicidal death and attempts in Georgia are recorded in two agencies: the National Statistics Office (GeoStat) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA). Data from both agencies  - main epidemiological indicators of 2011 – 2014 have been statically processed, analyzed andcompared with the WHO data.

Conducted research revealed significant difference between data obtained from the GeosStat and the MIA that may be the cause of absence of complete, unified system. Besides, the data are substantially different from the WHO-recognized findings. Therefore, specification of suicide’s substantive criteria and improvement of the statistical data collection methodology are necessary that require joint and coordinated actions of several agencies.