Inpatient Treatment

The inpatient psychiatric service, which ensures suppression of acute mental condition accompanied by severe psychotic symptoms (or disorders of the emotional and volitional sphere that are equivalent thereof), is provided through involvement of the Center’s short-term (so-called ‘acute’) and long-term (so-called ‘chronic’) units.


A patient shall be placed in a short-term care unit upon his/her own consent, or in accordance with the court ruling on involuntary treatment. Patients who fall under the provisions of Article 18 of the Law of Georgia on Psychiatric Care shall be subject to involuntary mental health treatment. In particular, it applies to those posing a danger to his/her or others’ life and health, and/or to the property of the patient or that of the third persons.


There is a following procedure for patient’s involuntary placement in psychiatric facility:


Within 48 hours since patient’s admission to the inpatient facility, based on the conclusion of the doctors’ commission, the Center shall petition a court to issue a relevant order on involuntary treatment. The court shall, within 24 hours, convene a court session and render a decision on sustaining or rejecting the motion.


The Center isn’t a long-stay psychiatric facility, there are specialized institutions designed for that purpose.


Under Article 7 of the aforesaid law, the Center undertakes to apply to court with a request to recognize a patient as a beneficiary of psychiatric care. Patients who have been recognized as psychiatric care beneficiaries shall be further placed in a specialized institution. The decrees of the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and the Law of Georgia on Psychiatric Care shall be applied during the psychiatric inpatient treatment.

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