Mobile Community Service

In January 2018 Center for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction implemented Mobile Community Service for Vake-Saburtalo and Samgori residents.


Specialists in charge the Service:

Psychiatrists, a nurse, a social worker.


Beneficiaries of the Service:

  • Persons with severe mental disorders, hospitalized for a long time or frequently and after discharge do not, or cannot attend out-patient service for at least three months, despite the necessity;
  • Persons with heavy obedience to treatment, which often causes spontaneous termination of treatment and worsening of psychopathological state;
  • Persons with social problems, which cannot be solved independently due to mental illness;

Responsibilities of Community Mobile Service Group:

  • Planning and implementation of individual recovery plan;
  • Regular home visits (3 visits per month) and phone consultations;
  • Providing the medication prescribed by psychiatrists;
  • Training patients’ social skills besides the medical care, informing supporting persons, collecting medical documents and referring patients to necessary departments;
  • Psychoeducation and psychotherapy of patients’ family members and supporting persons;
  • Hospitalization of patients in case of necessity;
  • Service availability during 8 hours;
  • Informing family in cases of somatic problems, supporting persons on necessary examinations and accompanying beneficiaries to specialists if it is impossible to be done by their own and somatic problems reflect negatively on their mental health.

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