Outpatient Treatment

Under the requirements of the 2017 state mental health program, an outpatient psychiatric department provides services to the citizens of Georgia referred by a family/district physician or an inpatient psychiatric institution; as well as those placed on the register or self-referral patients initiating follow-up visits (upon ascertaining diagnosis), who have been exhibiting the following problems:


  • organic mental disorders, including symptomatic disorders;
  • schizophrenia, schizotypal disorders;
  • affective disorders
  • acute stress reaction and adaptation disorders
  • intellectual disability (mental retardation)
  • impaired mental development
  • emotional and behavioral disorders manifested in early childhood and adolescence


Outpatient registration of a patient is done upon his/her wish. However, in case of patients under the age of 16 and/or those with psychosocial needs a written consent from a support person is required.


The aforesaid service includes medication-assisted therapy, home visits, as appropriate, etc.


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