#Argasinjo (don`t taste)- an Alarm Signal about the Dangers of Marijuana Use

U.S. Agency for Drugs and Health Services Releases Another Warning Report & Statistics on Marijuana Consumption Risks

“Marijuana consumption has a severe impact on human health and life. Marijuana is the most common drug in the US and its use is increasing day by day. Marijuana is consumed by people of all ages and genders. At the same time, the population, especially young people, do not know the dangers of its consumption, especially in conditions of increasing drug content in the plant. “About 1 in 10 people who use marijuana become addicted, and if a teenager starts using marijuana before the age of 18, the addiction rate rises to six.”

The Center for Mental Health and Drug Prevention repeatedly publishes statistics and data on various aspects of health damage caused by marijuana use, ranging from IQ to death. . # Do not try! – This is the only and correct approach to all types of additives.

Source: https://www.samhsa.gov/marijuana “Know the risk of Marijuana”