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Harmful use of drugs and psychoactive substances and their dependence is one of the most important challenges in today’s world community. Today, substance abuse is defined as a bio-psycho-social disease, which indicates that this disease, on the one hand, is caused by complex – bio-psycho-social causes, and on the other hand, affects all key aspects of human development and function: addiction As a biological-physiological component, as well as psychological and personal characteristics of a person, which are reflected in the behavior of the individual and his social connections, activity in the family and society; On a variety of human skills, including the skills needed to combat the factors that contribute to drug use.

Given the current drug situation in the country, the most important thing is to provide preventive measures against drug addiction to the public. Universal prevention is about informing the public about the risks associated with drug use, drug development, and drugs in general. For the purpose of the information campaign, under the auspices of the Center for Mental Health and Drug Prevention, an analogue of a Polish project was created, an online platform that provides communication between professionals and stakeholders in a question-and-answer mode. The aim of the campaign is to identify drug-related problems and factors contributing to drug use early and to implement appropriate intervention, ie to provide appropriate counseling at the individual level.

Stigma and discrimination against drug users create a number of barriers to tackling this problem: complicating early detection and timely treatment of drug addicts, limiting patients’ referrals to treatment, promoting their marginalization and social isolation, Means of speech. The goal of the new communication platform is to defeat this stigma along with the preventive approach – to overcome stigma and discrimination in order to promote effective assistance to people with drug addiction.

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