Psychiatry occupies a “unique niche” among the medical specialties

Psychiatry (Greek ψυχή – Greek and ιατρός – healer) – Psychiatry is the medical specialty that studies the manifestations of mental disorders, causes, origins, development mechanisms, treatment and prevention.

Establishment of a unique and distinctive Georgian psychiatric school is associated with the name of professor M.Asatiani (1882-1938). In 1921, he chaired the Department of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine at Tbilisi State University. The first graduates of the faculty gave Georgian psychiatry such recognized specialists and scientists as Nino Weshapeli (the first Georgian female psychiatrist) and G. Shengelaia. Later – Ir. Menteshashvili, E. Gobronidze. E. Nakashidze etc.

Founder of Georgian Psychiatric School, famous psychistrist and public figure, the USSR’s Academician of Medical Sciences and Georgian Academy of Sciences Avlip Zurabashvili headed Asatiani Institute of Psychiatry from 1938 to 1988, started working together with Prof. Assatiani and his colleagues Al. Savaneli and A. Gotsiridze.

Academician B. Naneishvili, A.Makaridze, Sh. Gamkrelidze, P.Chrtridze, I.Bzhalava, M. Mestiaashvili, S. Tsuladze, V.iashvili, N. Kutalia, O.Chitava, G.Sharashidze, R.Meskhi, R. Chavchuridze, T.Shikukashvili, N.Chkheidze, G.Begiashvili, N. Savaneli, G.Lezhava, Zig.Zurabashvili, Z.Zurabashvili, G.Naneishvili, L. Menteshashvili, M. Bokuchava, T.Silagadze, S. Surguladze, I. Lazariashvili, D. Zurabashvili, N. Okribelashvili, A.Mamardashvili, V.Kashia, V. Korinteli, Z. Beria, E. Chkonia, V. Kentchaddze, M. Gegelashvili, M. Jishkariani, etc. are Doctors of Medicine and prominent psychiatrists who perfercted themselves in this Institute and their merits have been repeatedly rewarded with the state prizes.

As a result of the Mental Health Services Reform in 2011, Institute of Psychiatry was transformed into a psychiatric service of the Center for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction. The center’s staff is aware that the psychiatry is not only a field of medicine. Beneficiaries with mental problems, often need mediators as well with their families or community, because unfortunately they are still more likely to suffer from violation of their rights.

Today our goal is to serve the high standards of mental health. In general, mental health is a broader concept than the absence of “mental illness” or mental disorder. Being mentally healthy means – clearly feel your physical and spiritual well-being, dignity and importance; Have the ability to control your thoughts and actions; Overcome difficulties and take responsibility for themselves; To establish, maintain and develop relationships with people.

Psychiatric services of our Center offer active cooperation in order to overcome the problems of mental health timely and at early stages with joint efforts.