Subcutaneous Implantation for Drug Addiction

“Center for Mental Health and  Prevention for Addiction” offers users and addicts of narcotic drugs of the opioid group (morphine, heroin, methadone, buprenorphine and others), in order to maintain remission (abstinence), subcutaneous implantation of the medicine Naltrexone that is registered in Georgia, with the trade name  Edtrex ( ADDTREX765 IMPLANT).

The procedure is carried out after immunochemical strip tests (in order to determine the fact of drug use). The fact of consumption of narcotic drugs included in the opioid group should not be confirmed to the patient.

Naltrexone is a specific opioid receptor antagonist and is used to manage  opioid dependence, it is an opioid antagonist with mild opioid agonist activity. Naltrexone 765 mg tablet implant is a slow-release copolymer-based preparation, which is surgically inserted into the subcutaneous tissue of the groin area. Naltrexone is the main active ingredient that specifically blocks the binding of agonists or displaces them from opioid receptors. It acts on all types of opioid receptors and removes or prevents the effects of exogenous opioids – opioid analgesics and their surrogates (including morphine). It reduces or neutralizes the symptoms caused by taking opioids. Long-term use of the drug does not lead to the development of dependence or tolerance.

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