Summary Conference 2020-2021

“Center for Mental Health and  Prevention of Addiction” summarized the pandemic period. The challenges of 2020-2021 were presented to the employees of the center by the heads of different departments in the form of a report. At the meeting, they talked about the difficulties that the specialists of the center had to overcome during the pandemic – how the replacement program worked, how psychiatric and narcology services were provided to patients in a difficult situation, how preventive programs were conducted, etc. Within the framework of the report, the results and perspectives of the two stages of the unique preventive project implemented in schools by the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Service – “Compass” were summarized. The Center is facing the post-pandemic period with an updated infrastructure. In order to improve the quality of patient services, measures were taken to protect patients’ rights, trainings were held for medical personnel, and social workers were trained. In parallel with the report, an exhibition of artworks made by patients of the psychiatric hospital within the framework of art therapy was organized at the Center and the employees of the center were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

“The problem that faced humanity in general in the form of a pandemic was an important challenge for our center as well, so that there was no interruption in the provision of services, not even for a day, the work of the center was not interrupted in terms of patient services, the restrictions that accompany the pandemic significantly affect the mental health of our beneficiaries. And we are ready to meet this challenge, the center has successfully handled patient services in the conditions of the pandemic, for which we thank our employees, who stood at the height of their calling in the format of providing state services and still serve our patients with dignity” – said the director general of the center, Lasha Kiladze.