Recovery from alcohol addiction is a complex process, which implies several stages: a person suffering from alcoholism shall, first and foremost realize and admit that he/she is sick and needs help. Otherwise, even the most efficient method will be useless. Patients oftentimes fail to realize the entire severity of their problem, believing that they can quit drinking any time. In fact, it’s hard and sometimes even impossible to get back to sober living without medical intervention.


Alcohol treatment stages

Alcohol addiction treatment starts with a medically-assisted detoxification (removal of toxic substances from a living organism). A patient is put on an IV drip and is prescribed therapeutic medications. Alongside the detoxification process that usually lasts for about 7 to 10 days, a patient also undergoes clinical lab testing (complete blood count (CBC), urinalysis test, blood glucose test, prothrombin time (PT/INR) test, liver function tests to determine ALT, AST, GGT levels).

In addition, a patient also undergoes a complex medical check-up with a psychiatrist, neurologist, general physician and cardiologist.  In the event some inherent defects are revealed, the patient shall continue treatment with a physician of a relevant profile.

At the final stage, which is probably the most important one for a patient, an alcohol-dependent person is provided psychological support. The important thing is that a person should develop a healthy approach to life and manage to restore the proper life values.


Outcome of alcohol treatment

After the therapy, the patients commonly experience reduction in anxiety and mood enhancement. Their working capacity significantly increases. A person starts to realize that the lifestyle he/she previously chose wasn’t the right one. A certain image of a healthy, perfect person is formed. If the matter concerned a complex therapy focusing not just on bodily wellness, but also on improving mental health, after the treatment a person will be healthier both, physically and psychologically.

Among alcohol treatment methods the most noteworthy is the alcohol substance blocking therapy:

Necessary conditions for application of the blocking therapy:



There shouldn’t be any measurable levels of alcohol in a person’s organism, otherwise he/she will get sick. A patient under the influence of alcohol shall be subjected to detoxification 3 days later.



A person should realize what is going to happen to him in case of alcohol consumption.