Psycho-social Rehabilitation of Drug-addicted Patients is a Complex Way to Improve their Mental Health

Drug addiction is a bio-psycho social disease in which both the biological-physiological component is damaged, as well as the psychological and personal characteristics of a person – values, attitudes, abilities, which are reflected in a person’s behavior and social connections, functioning or skills. With destructive and antisocial behavior. Drug addiction as a disease is curable! Sopho Mosia, Head of the Center for Psycho-social Rehabilitation of the Center for Mental Health and Drug Prevention, talks about the effectiveness of treatment and the expected results

  • What is the treatment of drug-addicted patients at the Center for Mental Health and Drug Prevention?

The Center offers treatment methods to addicts as recommended by the World Health Organization based on best practices and evidence, under the inpatient and outpatient detoxification program for drug and psychoactive substance users, and further medical-psychological support. The effectiveness of treatment increases. , When a dependent person is assisted by a team of professionals – doctor, psychologist, social worker. Proper support from family and loved ones is very important. However, the main prerequisite for effective treatment is the readiness of the patient himself for treatment and a positive transformation of his own life.

  • What type of service is patient medical-psychological assistance?

Psycho-social assistance is the most important step in the treatment of drug, alcohol and other psychoactive substance dependence, which allows a person to understand the problem and fight it properly, to improve self-awareness, to integrate and adapt in society, to restore or function effectively. Disease control skills and finally, overcome addiction. This service is provided by the Center’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation Department.

  • What does the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center offer?

The department provides psychological assistance to the patient, starting with psychodiagnostics, including individual or group psychotherapy, as well as family psychotherapy. The center has a self-help group, the patient learns conflict management, we successfully use art therapy and ergotherapy methods in the treatment process. Modern and effective psychotherapeutic methods are also used: cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interview, humanistic-existential psychotherapy, client-centered therapy.

  • How does the Center’s medical and social assistance program work?

The medical and social assistance program provides the client with assistance in obtaining the medical and social assistance he or she needs using the “case management” method.
We work on resolving the beneficiary’s psycho-social conflicts using the Solution-Oriented Counseling (SFBT) methodology. In addition, we identify risk groups (injecting drug users) for voluntary testing and counseling and bring them to the center. Substance abuse often raises the question of an individual’s integration and adaptation into society, which is facilitated by the employment, training or personal growth training of a person in remission.

  • Tell us about the importance of art therapy and ergo-therapy in the rehabilitation process

Art therapy ergo-therapy – is one of the most effective approaches to psycho-corrective intervention. Patients are given the opportunity to express their abilities and perform consistent constructive activities (drawing, sculpting, working with wood and metal) aimed at developing imaginative and neural functions. These types of activities significantly contribute to the formation of constructive behavior, which changes in direct proportion to drug addiction.

  • As we know, the Zigong method is also tested in the treatment process at the center

Oriental method of treatment and rehabilitation Zigong – is a Chinese healing medicine, which contains complex physical, mental, breathing, energy exercises that help a person to get rid of emotional and psychological problems (stress, aggression, memory problems, nervous disorders), complete relaxation . This method improves the human immune system and better functioning of internal organs.
Sports and health work is also underway at the center. Our gym is equipped with modern sports equipment. Physical rehabilitation procedures are performed here, which, in addition to physical rehabilitation, significantly contribute to the management of patients’ aggression, regulation of high levels of anxiety and depression.

  • How much does a psychosocial rehabilitation center service cost?

The services of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center are completely free for those involved in replacement therapy programs, as well as for those who have already undergone inpatient or outpatient detoxification.
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